Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Week 25

Well I'm 25 weeks and let me tell you this baby wants OUT! He is kicking up a storm in there, it feels almost like he's pushed for space already which is crazy given that it feels like so long 'til he comes but I guess it's really not! It's just 10 weeks til our consultant appointment where the birth plan is decided and potentially the c-section is booked. Just 8 weeks til I finish work too which hopefully will fly.

The size this week is a Rutabaga, just 1.5lbs. Once again I had no idea what that was so for those of you like me...

It's basically a turnip.. Mmm.. Very attractive!
I've been getting really excited this week about my hospital stay which is a little bizarre I know, nobody likes to be in hospital but we will have our brand new baby finally and I'm just going to try and have fun planning what to take and such. Last week I bought an iPad so I can hopefully get a little video/blog/tweet while I'm in there. It wont be so bad. Especially if I do have a planned section, I'm really looking forward to having some control over my visit.
Have any if you got any must have suggestions for stuff I should take with me?

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