Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Longing for my Leaner shape...

With all the new Autumn/Winter collections in the shops I am finding myself longing to be slim again recently. It's not that I don't love my bump, it's more I miss being able to wear my favourite clothes and, more importantly, shopping for new ones. I recently bought a couple of Maternity items which I am loving but I loathe spending money on clothes that I will only wear for the next 3 months or so.
I will do some outfit posts soon of the stuff I have and how I've adapted some of my non-maternity wear to fit my growing shape. Most of the things I have bought I'm hoping I will get some use from in the future even if it's just while I need looser clothing for the months after the birth.
One thing I have really enjoyed working in to my routine now I'm getting bigger is moisturising. I'm so wary of the stretch mark fairy I am not happy if I can't feel moisture on my skin. As soon as one lotion has absorbed I'm applying another. Right now my favourites are Palmers Cocoa Butter, Mamma Mio Boob Tube, Garnier Intensive 7 days body lotion and Asda's on "little angels" stretch mark oil. I use some or all of these every day and so far no marks but trust me the day the first one arrives you will all know about it! I don't remember exactly when they came last time but I think it was around this time. I'm coming up for 6 months. Since I had Ella I've toyed with "toning up" and such but always decided it was best to stay as stretched out as possible until I've had all my babies. I'm keeping everything crossed that my boobs, bum and thighs are still at their wobbliest and I don't gain anymore weight than the last time so maybe.. just MAYBE I might get away without this time. I have none on my tummy so I will cry if I get them this time.
For now I know that I'm doing all I can to keep them at bay and fingers crossed I will be back in my regular clothes in time for some January Sale shopping!!!


  1. you look great in the pic :D


  2. When you got stretch marks with Ella did they just naturally go or did you use something on them? If so what, I hate hate hate mine:(x

  3. I got them on my boobs, bum and thighs and they faded and turned silvery with time but they are scars, they'll never go away I'm afraid. That's why I'm so worried about getting more lol.

    and THANKSmissmathful! I love that pic of me but it's all angles.. I've never been that slim haha and it makes me look so tall.. I'm only 5'4'' lol


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