Thursday, 25 August 2011

How Much Caffiene is Too Much Caffiene?

The Food Standard Agency recommends that pregnant women not consume more than 200mg of caffiene per day. But what is 200mg?
Being a self confessed coke addict (sounds worse than it is) the thought of cutting down is very unsettling but at the same time I don't want to do anything that would harm my baby.
On top of my love for the fizzy drink the fatigue pregnant women suffer makes this the wirst time to cut out caffiene completely. Without my daily dose I'm quite sure I'd be asleep at my desk by mid-morning.
So just how dangerous are our everyday beverages?
Here's a caffiene content rundown..
Can of Sprite - 0mg
Can of Cocacola - 32mg
Can of Diet Coke - 42mg (interesting!)
Cup of Tea - 50mg
Energy Drink - 80mg
Mug of Instant Coffee - 100mg
Mug of Filter Coffee - 140mg
Given that I'm not big on the tea and coffee I am pretty pleased to see that I can safely guzzle a couple of cans of coke and maybe even a cheeky bar of chocolate (50mg) with no harm done to my baby boy. Also good to know the odd red bull wont kill me either!
Just goes to show that in the health conscious world we live in where everyone has an opinion and we can't BREATHE without fear of doing it wrong.. sometimes its worth doing your research and making your own informed decision about what's right for you!


  1. Omg diet coke has more than normal coke, that shocked me!!! Im a caffine addict and I tried to stop once and started getting the shakes. Maybe you should just try cut down abit x x

  2. I get headaches if I go without diet coke for too long! A friend of mine tried to quit smoking while pregnant but found it too stressful, and was told by her doctor that the stress is probably worse for the baby, so I wouldn't worry too much! (Or course smoking when pregnant in my opinion is a whole other bag of frogs and disgusts me). Maybe alternate between diet coke and the caffiene free stuff?

  3. I hate diet coke lol.. so knowing there's more caffiene amuses me but screw it, I din't drink, I don't smoke.. I drink coke! big deal!!! no wonder the baby's so active!


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