Monday, 1 August 2011

A HAIRY Situation!

I swear this was never an issue for me prior to being pregnant and I don't remember it from the first time around but ugh! My belly is HAIRY!

Bare in mind that this photo was taken after a serious plucking session and there were some crazy dark, wirey hairs to get rid of. I've always had some strays under my belly button but nothing like this. Now they're spreading! You can't see too well but they are migrating around my belly button and even further up. I'm nervous to use a hair removal cream because I seem to have developed some kind of tame rash as it is and wax could be even worse for my obviously sensetive skin. I don't want to shave because the stubble/upkeep would be unbearable so it would appear I'm stuck with this unsightly pregnancy side effect for now. Any suggestions?

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