Friday, 24 June 2011

Choosing a Changing bag

Changing bags... wow there's a lot of choice out there! First one of which, I think, is whether to buy a changing bag at all.. or a multi-purpose holdall. Changing bags are functional, yes, but do they hold everything you want for the price you want to pay... and in a cute package?

Here's a little look at what's out there right now..

Mamas & Papas
Satchel bag and Cover in Cress

Skip, Hop, Dash
Deluxe in Uptown Stripe

Pink Lining
Yummy Mummy Changing Bag In Foxglove Glen

BeAll in Dizzy Daisies

Changing Bag in Pink

Nappy Bag

Cath Kidston
Spot Holdall in Blue/White

Frost French
Floozie cream print holdall

Hello Kitty
Changing Bag in Pink/Silver


Firstly... OH MY GOD Changing bags can be EXPENSIVE!
Who knew? I can't remember how much I paid for my first but I know it wasn't more than £50.. some of the bad boys out there today can set you back a couple of hundred squid.. that is CRAZY!
Much as it matters what it looks like on the outside functionality has to win out in the choosing of a bag.
There are so many different kinds to choose from, you can get them that unfold to reveal a mini changing station, you can get ones with 10 pockets and ones with just two. What will work for one Mum wont work for another. Ellas changing bag did unfold and I thought that was really handy so I might look for that again but I sacrificed storage space for that function and perhaps there is something out there now that's a better combination of the two.

If you have any fantastic recommendations for me... please go ahead and leave me a comment!!!


  1. Wow... my baby is 3 next month and I dont remember the bags being so expensive :S with him or my others. Its funny how things change so quickly.
    The yummy mummy one is too cute for words but the price is not. x x x

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