Friday, 3 June 2011

15 Weeks

I'm nearly 4 months pregnant and I still can't believe it lol. This week the baby is the size of a "navel orange" - whatever that is! I've looked ahead a bit and I should warn you the fruit comparisons only get more bizarre as the weeks progress. We had another midwife appointment today and heard baby's heartbeat for the first time which was really special. Nicer for me than the scan, I was stressed then but today I was relaxed and really appreciated the experience. I'm considering buying one of those little things that allows you to listen at home, that would be pretty cool!

We've been so busy this week decorating and preparing the house for the baby's arrival. The nursery is all done now, we just need some extra bits, We have a swinging cot from when Ella was little but I think that will go in our room while it's with us and then we will be purchasing a larger one for the nursery.
It's getting quite exciting now, it's feeling a little more realy but I'm still holding something back, I'm sure I'll feel overwhelmed in a month or so when I feel the baby move for the first time and it all hits me at once.
For now I'm carrying the equivalent of a navel orange and just looking a bit podgy.

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  1. I love how every baby website compares your growing baby to a fruit or vegetable lol.
    I remember when I first heard my babys heartbeat your right about it being a special time, I was so happy. I didnt buy a dobbler for at home, because I would probably never put it down.
    You will love when your baby starts to move, I started feeling my baby move properly at 20 weeks before then it was 'flutter' type movements I could feel. Now at 24 weeks pregnant my baby kicks all the time (esp at night time) and I can see the kicks from the outside :)
    Goodluck with your pregnancy x


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