Sunday, 12 June 2011

Baby Bump so far

As so many of you have requested it I thought I'd share with you my bump pictures so far! 
I hadn't got much of one until a couple of days ago when it popped out (biscuits and sweets more than baby no doubt) so these are all I have so far. From now on I will try and update once every fortnight until it starts really growing then I'll up it to weekly. I'm still looking a little thick around my middle and not big enough yet that anyone would dare to ask "when's it due" for fear of offending me but it's expanding all the time so it's about time I tracked the progress. You may have already noticed I have added a little slideshow in the sidebar of this blog with these pictures but it's not a great size so I will continue to put the pictures in update posts too...
Thanks for reading and while you're here don't forget to follow this blog so as not to miss anything!


  1. Don't you worry I'm sure your bump will grow very fast, mine came out of nowhere lol :)

  2. i think it is starting to look like a "real" bump... you will be huge before you know it :D


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