Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Week 18

So apparently I'm 18 weeks pregnant!154 days away from birth.. EEK! let's push that aside for a moment and be scared about that nearer the time. But for all of that sweet potato sized baby in my belly I still just look fat lol. I will take an 18 week belly shot tomorrow and show you.. I'm still at that inbetween stage where a stranger wouldn't dare presume and I am feeling a little self conscious.

I'm sure I'll pop and be huge before I know it and then wish I was just a bit podgy again but its an annoying phase while I'm in it! I'm still not feeling much movement. A little here and there but it's always over before it's begun. Also I'm getting out of breath so easily now, I walk home and every day it gets a little bit harder. So.. Here's to week 18!

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