Tuesday, 29 March 2011

5 weeks

Right now my baby is the size of an appleseed and weighs pretty much nothing.. Aww! It's barely a baby at this stage but here's what it should look like..

How exciting! It's like if I coughed to hard it would disappear lol.. I'll try to avoid that. I have already looked ahead at how quickly it develops and it's really amazing. I can't wait to see my tummy move and feel it kick... but all in good time, let's not wish it away when I've waited so long to get here.
You can expect weekly updates like this as well as my mundane baby brain ramblings.
I will be photographing my bump week by week and sharing my progress here.. This week will be the first one so look out for my bump post

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Maternity Wear Fare...

So this week I've mostly been looking at the fabulous new maternity wear available now. When I had Ella Topshop had JUST started a line but it was tiny and not in my local store, dorothy perkins was my only option. It was nice but not exactly "hip" for my 18 year old self. This time around the styles and variety available are awesome... here are some of my picks...


 L-R (£) - 12.99, 18.99, 14.99


L-R (£) - 35.00, 10.00, 30.00


L-R (£) - 30.00,12.00,30.00

I love love love the choice available of ASOS but on the whole the prices aren't great, New Look is really great value so I will probably hunt for some asos bargains but get my staples from New Look. Actual maternity wear isn't entirely necassary of course and not really necassary at all until at least 5 months but I am hoping to pick up some pieces that will grow with my bump and I can wear over my baby weight for a while afterwards. I'm really loving the baggy, flowy tops trending right now.

Looking forward to shopping for a whole new wardrobe soon :) 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm Pregnant!

Ok, it's sunk in. I'm pregnant..
I can't believe it!!!
Seriously! I'm in shock but I do believe it now.. It's happening, finally! If I'm honest I'd pretty much given up hope at this stage and I think that's why it happened. I'd relaxed... I'd pretty much stopped trying altogether. I quit my stressful job and started temping, leaving work at half past 4, walking home, all very calm!
No pressure and suddenly what do you know... it happened! I am going to do a looooong post about all that happened with Lee's Varicocele soon for those interested because we got news about that too yesterday but it all seemed to pale in comparison to the BIG news! Anywho this was just a little rant of the day I guess but... yep.... still pregnant...wow!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Windmills of my mind...

So... since I got my BFP (big fat positive) I have been doing a little research... It's been a long time since my last pregnancy, I needed a refresher. Turns out there's a lot to think about! Stretch mark prevention, nursery decorating, maternity wear, diaper bags, sterilizers,  no more drinking, can I go on rollercoasters when we visit disney next week? Will my wedding dress fit me when we get married in a couple of months? eek!
I feel like I have had sooo much time to prepare and yet I am so NOT prepared. 
I guess it's a good job that I'm a google freak and I love blogging so all this means is I have a lot of topics lined up for the coming 9 months. I am SO excited about the whole new world of pregnancy shopping that has opened up to me now and you guys will see the benefit through reviews and raves. If theres anything you preggos/new mums out there want to recommend I try or anything anyone wants me to review go ahead and leave me a comment. 
I am so excited to embark on this new chapter and as always I am taking you all along for the ride. Mood swings and all.. who's with me?


It turns out Lee's varicocele embolsation worked! His sperm count has tripled and what do you know... I'm pregnant!
and if that feint line doesn't convince you... watch this..

So.. I'm a little bit pregnant.
I can't quite believe it so I don't have much to say yet. All seems very surreal. I have wanted this for so long it seems a bit of an anti-climax to be able to do an at home test. I want a doctor to confirm this now..
Ugh! I don't know but I just can't quite believe it yet..
But that's the news..

Monday, 14 March 2011

Symptom Spotting Again...

I know, I know, I shouldn't even let myself think it but I feel like maybe I just could be. I have my usual pre-period symptoms but way early. My boobs got sore pretty much 2 days after ovulation and they have just got worse and worse ... they must be like a cup size bigger it's ridiculous... I'm small chested and it HURTS to run downstairs!!?? I have also been mega nauseous since maybe Friday. Every time I've felt sick I've been able to explain it away, I hadn't eaten, I'd looked at my phone in the car (travel sick), maybe I've had too much sugar? But enough is enough every day I've had waves of nausea and yes I've felt sick before and not been pregnant but I can't help but wonder. My periods are kind of erratic now... they used to be Weds/Thurs every month but a month or so back I got in on Sunday, then the Saturday so now I'm never sure when to expect it. 
This is frustrating as I never know if I'm late. I'm always tempted to rush out and buy a test but I have to keep in mind that there's no point testing until I KNOW I'm late.. I'll still be pregnant if I hang on a week and I wont have wasted £10 on a hunch. Before I used to try and beat my period... like I had to do a test before it came, while I could still have hope, it was really stupid. I like those days just before where you think you could be but if I psych myself up too much when Aunt Flow finally arrives I am devastated. 
This month it's fallen on our holiday... of course! We are going to disneyland on Sunday, staying over in London on Saturday and coming home next Wednesday so knowing my luck it'll fall Sunday - but then I keep thinking if it doesn't arrive I'll be on holiday dying to do a test and what if I do a foreign test and it's a false positive and I'm all happy and what not (we're going with my parents too so the announcement would not be delayed) and then it turns out when I get home I'm not pregnant at all.
Ugh! That's my little rant out of the way... A little peek inside my cluttered mind, if you will. 
I hope it comes early and I can just get it out of the way this month. 
On another note in 2 days we have Lee's hospital appointment. We still don't know exactly why or what they are looking for, if anything, but I'm eager to get more information and hopefully the results of his previous Varicocele op... even if it's bad news I would just rather know at this point.

Well... thanks for listening... will update when there's an update to be updated upon... off to paint my nails...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bump Envy

So here I am back at ovulation station and about to launch into ANOTHER two week wait..
to distract myself I have been googling celebrity pregnancies and these are the beautiful bumps I am envying...

Ahhh to be bumped up...
maybe soon, fingers crossed!

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