Monday, 20 December 2010

Another frustrated month...

So I had a lot of hopes pinned on a christmas positive.. But alas it's not to be! As usual I took an unecassary pregnancy test the day before I am due and as usual I got a big fat "not pregnant" result!

I bought some ovulation predictor kits online to test last month but I didn't find my peak. That bothered me after last months early period which according to google means I failed to ovulate... Ugh!
Just as The sperm problem is dealt with the eggs refuse to play ball! I feel like we made a real concerted effort but nothing is working! I'm beyond frustrated at this point! I know that the docs wont go into any fertility investigation until at least a year I just feel like I'm wasting my time. What scares me most is.. What if we do have to wait the year out and what if we do have to go through IVF or similar... I'm just assuming if it gets to that point i'll conceive... But it's not guaranteed! I never thought this would happen to me! How do people try for years? How do they do it?


Miss BB

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  1. Hi MissBB,

    Like you I'm trying to conceive and have been since April this year so I share your frustration!! We did manage to get pregnant in August but unfortunately the pregnancy didn't progress past 8 weeks so we've had to pick ourselves up and are on the TTC bandwagon again!

    It is sooo hard each month getting negatives and even though we've managed to get pregnant, I do find myself wondering if it will ever happen! But then I give myself a good talking to and try and approach things with some PMA! I find trying something new for TTC each month helps keep me positive.

    Have you tried the Clearblue Fertility Monitor? I never had much luck with getting positive OPKs but bought one of these and it's made things so much easier, plus I can see that I am ovulating each month. It might be worth giving this a try - they're expensive initially definitely worth it. You could also try temperature charting to find out if you're ovulating - the Fertility Friend website's really good for this! It is likely that you are ovulating but that your OPKs aren't picking it up - they're quite difficult to use I think and you can miss your LH surge by testing at the wrong times etc.

    It is so frustrating that doctors won't do anything until 1 year has passed. If you really think you're not ovulating there are natural alternatives that can help - try googling Agnus Castus or Maca - both these supplements help balance hormones and regulate a cycle. I use Maca which is great for fertility and have regular cycles. I got pregnant first month after using it (my DH takes it too for sperm health benefits) so maybe it was a coincidence but definitely think it helped! Also, some ladies use Soy Isoflavones to bring on ovulation or to give a stronger ovulation. It's worth looking into this too.

    I hope this helps and that you feel more positive soon! It WILL happen for's to a 2011 baby!!

    Best of luck! Caz xx


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