Friday, 23 March 2012

Missing Milo

We have been away for almost a week now and I'm really missing the kids. I'm certain once we're home they'll be driving me nuts after 10 minutes but I still can't wait to see them.

Ella has been with her Dad for the majority of pur holiday but Milo has been with my Mum (mum/grandma of the year, I know!) and he's been keeping a blog apparently!

She sent me this picture today that I thought I'd share and his "diary" will come next week! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

4 Months Old

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hate that he's getting bigger so fast!
Days after last months update I am happy to report Milo started sleeping through the night. For at least the last 3 and a half weeks he has slept from 9pm to 8am pretty much on the dot every single night. For me he can play up as much as he likes during the day if he's going to do that! Ella was such a terror at night that I keep waiting for it to all stop but so far so good. I didn't really pursue weaning after the first couple of attempts but will start again properly this week. I don't want him to suddenly wake up at 4am because milk isn't sustaining him and then have to start weaning. He has acid reflux so the health visitor advised to wean from  months as solids will help him with that. Apparently it's easier to keep solids down. He is quite possibly the sickest baby ever! He's not unhappy about it, usually throws up with a smile on his face  but I still feel bad for the little mite. It's always so tricky to remember his little milestones when it comes to the monthly update. One thing I absolutely can't leave out is the thumb sucking. That's right, my son is an official thumb sucker!

He liked a dummy in the first 6 weeks of his life and then really wasn't that interested and wouldn't keep it in his mouth. Since then he's been very much a hand chewer which we assumed was 'itchy gums' in the lead up to teething but this week is progressed and the thumb is the 'finger' of choice. It's all very cute and he self soothes which is good but I dread the time that I will have to wean him off it. With Ella I could take her dummy away but I can hardly remove his thumb!! I've heard of using that nail polish to prevent you nail biting but I don't know.. cross that bridge when we come to it. Years off yet.

Talking of teething, we had to invest in some baby Nurofen two weeks ago when he started crying during feeds (very unusual) and was very warm with little rosy cheeks. I can feel something on the top gums but nothing substantial yet. He's still a giant wriggler, I've had to put him back on his bouncer 3 times while typing this. He pushes himself off it on to the floor. I don't know how much he weighs because terrible parent that I am I haven't regularly attended clinic as I should but seeing as the last time he saw the doc he was such a beast i think he's healthy. They advised babies like him need to be weighed less as he's obviously putting on weight (haha). You may have seen the laughing post a few weeks ago, he laughed for the first time this month but I think he's laughed a grand total of 3 times so far so it's nothing to write home about. Very cute when it happens though, the kind of sound that today makes up for a day of screaming the house down. I can't think of anything else MAJOR that has happened in the last 4 weeks. He's desperate to sit up and is constantly craning his neck trying to get up himself. He has big ideas does my Milo.. thinks he's a big boy! He has 4 bottles in 24 hours now. 220ml and 2 sachets of infant Gaviscon in each which doesn't stop him being sick completely but definitely helps. Lastly his little 3-6 month suit he's wearing today has inspired a new nickname. "Little Boat"
I wanted to include that incase we ever forget why we call him that.

Usually I do Milo's monthly update videos but today Ella volunteered. She sat at the laptop with him and every time she finished Milo hit a button and deleted the whole thing. She persevered and eventually i had to take him away but this is Milo in Ella's words....

Miss BB
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